Figytech is a Cape May based company devoted to helping its clients with just about any technology related issue or request that they might have. We offer a wide range of services, from hardware installation, PC hookup or repair to web design and graphic solutions. This, however, is just a fragment of our complete set of services.
We have a well versed team of web and graphic designers and IT experts whose primary goal is to provide our clients with the business solution that is most suitable to their budget and particular needs. When determining our approach to each and every new project, we pay great attention to its every particularity, including the client’s specific business and management system, as well as individual processes that need to be included in our plan of action. Depending on the particular case this might include web site design or redesign, networking solutions or hardware installation, SEO services and much more.
Once we have performed a thorough analysis of all the details pertaining to our client’s business and considered the budget and specific requests, we are ready to offer a highly customized program that will only include the options that the client needs at the time. Each project that we work on can be expanded or simplified on demand, depending on the progress that we make and the client’s interest in our other services. Our system is based on modules, which means that it is highly adaptable to changes in the client’s demands and can be modified quickly and without disturbing the integrity or functionality of individual modules.
Whenever possible, we try to forge long lasting relationships with our clients, which both gives us a chance to constantly improve the business systems that we have created for them, as well as to create strong personal bonds.


Figytech is a company that is focused on providing technology related solutions and services to businesses that are trying to increase their web presence and reach new customers. The company was founded in the August of 2011 by its current owners, chief operations officer, Nikola Filipovic. Their goal was to create a company that would focus on the small and medium businesses web promotion, hosting, website design, site maintenance and other activities that translate into a strong web presence. They have decided to focus on this market because they noticed a lack of companies that are willing to offer highly customized, quality solutions to small and medium businesses at affordable prices.
The company’s goal of reducing the costs of the services that only larger businesses could previously afford has been achieved with the help of a team of experts possessing all of the skills needed for the complete satisfaction of the needs of small or medium businesses. Services that the company offers range from printer setup and computer repair to networking and custom software creation. Versatility that comes with such a broad expertise allows Figytech to address most of the technology related issues or requests a client might have, while still retaining excellent customer service and personal approach of a small business.
Figytech is located in the city of Cape May in the southernmost part of the Cape May Peninsula in New Jersey. While we enjoy working with businesses from all over the world, one of our objectives is building strong local connections and lasting relationships with other businesses from the region.


As a provider of technology and web based services, Figytech offers customizable packages that can help you either build your business from the ground up, or simply improve or maintain your already developed business.
Regardless of whether you are a business owner or a computer user, we can come to your office or home and set up your computer, install new hardware or repair damaged components, hook up your printer and help you with the issues that you might be having with it, backup your data, install required software and clean your PC of all the Spyware and viruses that it might be infected with.
However, those are only our secondary services, our focus is primarily on graphic and web design, domain registration, system administration, site maintenance and internet marketing. What this means is that we can build a website for you from scratch or simply improve on the already existing one, and then use our extensive online marketing knowledge and experience to make it visible to the demographics that you are most interested in. Each step of the process is handled by us, from the hosting and domain registration to graphic design, branding, web programming and site maintenance, you only need to inform us on the type of results that you would like to see.
This, however, is not where the list of the services that we offer ends. Figytech also provides mobile solutions, including mobile repairs and mobile phones application development. Lastly, a great deal of our attention is devoted to the creation of the custom made software that is tailored according to the specific needs of our clients, and that is meant to help them organize their business in the way that they see fit.


We at Figytech take pride in the amount of time and effort that we devote to making ourselves familiar with our clients and the way in which they conduct their business. This intimate knowledge of their business system allows us to formulate an adequate plan of action for each individual client.
Even though most of the business systems rely on the same rules and follow similar tendencies, every business has certain particularities and demands that are specific to it. We have organized our approach in that way that it is possible for us to pay attention to all of those peculiarities without the usually high expenses that come with the process. Once the client has given us their set of goals and the budget that they intend to spend on achieving those goals we can start setting up an appropriate strategy.
The fact that we have experts in various fields means that we can not only address different types of issues that you might be having, but also that we are in the position of addressing a single issue from various points of view. Another advantage of our versatility is found in the fact that we can offer complete packages that include web programming, branding and graphic design, as well as the marketing campaign that is to follow and the development of custom software. When all of these aspects of your business are handled by a single company you don’t have to worry about them not being adequately synchronized. For instance, while designing your website, we can already think about the SEO campaign that we will be conducting, and design the site in accordance with the demands of such a campaign.
Finally, each of our projects, regardless of its size, is approached with determination and enthusiasm, which never fail to transform our efforts into your success.