Software Solutions

Figytech is the company to turn to if you are looking for top quality custom software development services in Cape May, or worldwide. We have years of experience in the field and experts who are willing to put in the time and the effort needed to fully familiarize themselves with every aspect of your business and create custom software that will satisfy all of your requirements.

What is custom software?

In case that you are not familiar with the term, custom software (or smb software as it is often called) is software developed in close cooperation with your business, which is meant to enable you to organize the different operations, departments and other aspects of your business with a single piece of multifaceted software. If you decide to hire us for custom software development we will first make sure that we have as much understanding of your business system as possible. We will analyze your business processes, inquire about which of them you want to be covered by the software, and offer our own opinion on additional actions that you might want to take in order to increase the efficiency of your business.

Custom software versus commercial software

Most of the needs of modern businesses are already covered by different types of commercial packaged software. However, that kind of software solutions will usually either leave some aspects of your business unattended, or will offer options that you don?t really need. There are some customization options even with commercial software, but they are limited and usually quite difficult to implement, forcing you to deal with a company who can?t devote nearly as much attention to you as a company that is making your custom or database software could. Additionally, commercial software developers will usually charge you annual fees for the use of the software, while smb custom solutions only require a one-time fee, and permanently become your property once purchased. Commercial software also has the tendency to get outdated rather quickly (if it already wasn?t outdated when you purchased it), and often requires extensive training of the staff that is supposed to use it.

That is not to say that commercial software doesn?t have some benefits. It can be implemented as soon as you purchase it, and you don?t have to wait long between your decision to start using it and the moment in which you are actually able to do so. Likewise, initial costs when purchasing it are lower than those of custom software, even though whether you?ll actually save money with commercial software depends on how long will you be using it, how often will you have to have it modified (the price of modification of such software is much higher than with custom software) and how much its reduced efficiency when compared to custom made software will cost you.

This brings us to the main advantages of smb software developing. First of all, as it is structured around your business you know that it will cover all of your needs, and nothing else. Custom database development guarantees that all of your business processes will be included and handled by the most appropriate kind of software. Some or all of your employees will often participate in the process of the custom software development meaning that they will already be familiarizing themselves with it even before it?s completed, which helps reduce the longer implementation time, which is one of the main shortcomings of custom made software. This kind of software is always structured in modules, meaning that as the requirements of your business change over time, parts of the software can easily be modified to accommodate the changes; you can either remove now obsolete aspects of the software, or add new ones that have become necessary.

Additionally, when a company makes your custom software, they usually enter into a long term business relationship with you, which means that your software will always be kept up to date, and that you will constantly be getting advice on other possibilities for improvement and the increase of the software?s and your efficiency.

This work, with its ever changing nature and a constant supply of new challenges has been our passion for a long time, so if you are looking for smb custom solutions in the South New Jersey region, you should look no further.